At Grumpy’s we strive to source as many of our products from Victoria as possible. Fortunately we have access to world class beers, wine and food and, following in the steps of countries such as France, the concept is to develop provincial styles and character that reflect the region. Sourcing wine, beer and produce locally also reduces our carbon footprint whilst also supporting local businesses and farmers.


Drink: The microbrewery scene in Australia is expanding rapidly -  if you are still drinking VB come visit us and we will show you magical things!
All of our beers (on-tap and bottled) and wines are made right here in Victoria (see our Beer and Wine listfor a comprehensive list).

The majority of our first pour spirits are Australian as is our top shelf selection from Tasmania. Grumpy’s Green is continually working towards making our product range wholly Australian.

Food -
Our Food Menu is vegetarian with all our ingredients originating from Victoria.

Recently we have included a few token meat dishes to the menu, using sustainable meat such as kangaroo.

We use organic produce as much as possible.

Behind the scenes -
We have two, 2,000 litre water tanks catching rain that falls from the Melbourne sky, we use this to flush our toilets and water our plants.

Our cleaning products meet American accreditations and are bio-degradable – their ingredients include coconut oil!

Grumpy’s Green only uses compact fluorescent light bulbs and soy-based candles to light our establishment.

Our office uses 100% recycled paper, we use online, paperless, billing systems, energy efficient appliances where possible and employ eco-friendly web designers and web hosts to maintain our online presence.

We ensure that we recycle all our paper, glass, plastics, wine corks and organic waste.

Carbon offset:
A percentage of every purchase you make at Grumpy’s contributes to variety of environmental projects through our membership with Greenfleet (Greenfleet is a Greenhouse Friendly (Approved Abatement Provider). Please find out what fabulous things they do (and that you will be doing!) at

We are always trying to do more to become a fully functioning eco-friendly bar and we are always open to suggestions or hearing about what other people are doing! We plan to use solar panels to power of our office and supply other designated areas as our business grows.